Rookie Festival Goer? Look No Further

Firefly 2015 Package

In 2015, I attended Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware for the first time with over 10 of my best friends. We had some Firefly veterans but the majority of us were rookies. A couple weeks before the big weekend, we came together to discuss the essentials; appropriate clothing, food and how it would be cooked, sleeping arrangements and how to build it, abundance amounts of water, camping gear and tools, weather conditions, ways of staying in touch with one another, transportation, and most importantly the music line up. Each person had responsibilities and duties of what they were in charge of for themselves and for the group, mainly for reasons of dividing and conquering. When it came to the big weekend and it was time to pack up and head out, we realized the amount of material that was needed for survival outnumbered the amount of people, which in return outnumbered the amount of seats in the car for bodies. We knew we needed these items in order to last all weekend so we decided to cram all camping needs into one car with one driver and have another car follow filled with just bodies.

Now, with experience comes knowledge. Not that we didn’t need or use a majority of the items packed but there is definitely savings, condensing, and exchanging of items that will be involved when preparing for this year’s Firefly Music Festival. So to help you save, condense, and enjoy your weekend efficiently and effectively, here is a “Things To Know Before You Go To Firefly” list that I think will be beneficial to you…

Rainy day shenanigans

Our biggest mistakes that first year was that we had not prepared for rain, and it rained almost the entire weekend. Not that we didn’t enjoy the festival but it would have been more enjoyable had we prepared with tarps and rain gear (boots, ponchos, umbrellas, etc..). But because you never know the weather, it is good to prepare for the dry, hot days with bandanas or something of the sort to guard your eyes and mouth.

When it came to camping we were prepared for the most part, in fact we over prepared. We had back up tents, tools, flashlights, etc. There was even a lot of untouched food at the end of the day. As much as you want to stay hydrated and food satisfied, remember that you have gone camping for four days, and not to a picnic. Meaning, you want to pack light, yet efficiently and effectively. You want proteins and carbs and not so much sugars and fats.

Caravaning to the Woodlands

WATER is key and will get you through this weekend, a personal CamelBak is also key to the festival life. As well as water, beer is just as important. We did not portion correctly and ran out too quick, too soon. And for anyone who has been to Firefly, there is no leaving once you set up camp so you want to be sure you have a weekend supply of all things.

As far as the festival itself, you want to plan accordingly and ahead. The Firefly Music Festival app was key to planning out our day. It gave you the line up, the times each performer was set to play, as well as the stage they would be located.

Lawn Stage

Its nice to have this app because all day it is updated with stage changes, or time changes and even locating where your friends might be. When planning your day you want to keep in mind all that Firefly has to offer you that weekend, which is a lot.

DP dancing in the Thicket

One of my favorites was The Thicket, which is a concert that goes on in the woods, but the difference is that everyone has headphones on. It is a silent dance party that is happening between you and your headphones. Aside from electrifying nights in the forest, they offer a hammock hangout area that is nice to be able to escape to between your favorite performances. Aside from attractions Firefly also offers you Breweries, a Coffee House, a cute refueling Market and even a Beercade.

The excursions and activities are endless in The Woodlands and the experience alone, is something you will treasure forever.

Just a few of our Firefly Squad

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