Theatre over Arena, any day.

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You know that venue that made you take a sketchy alley way to get to, or that was real small and sort of unknown, made you feel like you were solving crime? Or even pretty intimate and electrifying at the same time? One that held a show that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Yes. There.


The Fillmore.
The Tower Theatre (Upper Darby).
Trocadero Theatre.
World Cafe Live. 


These smaller, Philly venues give me all those vibes. All of them.

The Fillmore 

The Fillmore, Philadelphia 

Did you know the original Fillmore was an iconic music venue that first opened in San Francisco in the early 1960s. As a venue, The Fillmore was the focal point for the psychedelic music scene during the 1960s and ’70s, helping to launch the careers of acts such as The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Santana, The Doors, Hot Tuna and many, many others which helped it grow into the legend it is today.  HOW COOL!!

The Fillmore Philadelphia is just as groovy. Located in the lively Fishtown district, the versatile live music club it the perfect blend of rock and elegance, both class and cutting edge. To locate more info on upcoming shows head to our Tours page at the Home of the blog.


Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia

TLA, seriously one of the coolest venues and a local hotspot for concerts in Philly. The Theatre of Living Arts originated as a move house, showing art films and weekly midnight screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Since then, TLA has been a named a premier small concert venue, welcoming up-and-coming artists and hall of famers. You can catch a show here almost any night of the week, they encourage all to walk right up to their box office and join todays party.

To catch TLA’s next show, head here.


The Tower Theater 

Tower Theatre (Upper Darby), Philadelphia 

According to, Venue info “It all started early one summer in 1972 when the first concert and sold out show took place at the Tower Theater. The day after the show, a reviewer from the Philadelphia Daily News wrote, “Philly Finally has its Fillmore,” referring to the famous Fillmore East in New York. Over the next few years, The Tower quickly grew a reputation as having its finger on the “pulse” of what was happening in music”.

And believe it or not, but this venue is also known for recording live albums by many bands.

Starting as a both a vaudeville and movie theatre back in the 1920s, Tower Theatre has been a stepping stone for many of todays legendary artists. Since then, the likes of Paul Simon, Neil Young and David Bowie have recorded live shows in this historic building and have paved the way for thousands of others artists.

Tower Theatre is a special venue in the heart of Philadelphia. Personally, our Muz staff has seen dozens of shows here and it will leave you on your feet.. literally dancing your way out. We highly encourage all of you to get to a show, look here!



Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia 

Previously known as the Arch Street Opera House, Trocadero Theatre is a historic theatre located in Center City. Offering musical comedies, vaudeville, opera, and burlesque since the late 1800s, Trocadero is one of the most profound and monumental venues in Philadelphia.

In 1986, the Trocadero was again remodeled for its current use as a concert hall and dance club. The theatre hosts a wide range of veins including movie screenings, comedy shows, and concerts from alternative, indie rock, heavy metal, punk rock, jam and industrial bands as well as hip hop and electronica artists.

Tchami at Trocadero, February 2017

Just two months ago some Muzers, JAMMED at Trocadero with Tchami. It was pretty LIT!

For more up coming shows, check it out here 


World Cafe Live

World Cafe Live, Philadelphia 

World Cafe Live, home of amazing concerts, great food, and the best parties in town… according to their website.  But seriously, they do host amazing shows, provide mouth parties, and even cooler house parties. In the center of Philadelphia, this venue has been servicing us with artists such as Adele, Vanessa Carlton, Alabama Shakes, and more since the early 2000s. This venue allows for intimate times between artists and the audience, offering a unique concert experience.


More than just a concert venue, this cool venue welcomes to come hang for open-mic nights, poetry slams, and even groovy jazz nights. World Cafe Live is a must-do venue for you Muzers.


Beyond these small venues listed are tons around the area. Start doing some googling and walking to come across your very own alley hidden, signing deceiving venue. It might THE hippest, quietest place in town. BUT, be sure to let us know about it. 😉


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