So. Much. NEW. Muzic.

The American, electronic music duo, the Chainsmokers, are back at it again with a new album release, Memories… Do Not Open. 

Unfortunately, the Chainsmokers have not received great feedback regarding their new hits. Words such as garbage, sellouts, forgettable and even a quote from USAToday saying, “the Chainsmokers made an album of background music for the Uber ride home” comparing to their peers making music for late-night dance parties.

Beyond this album, the Chainsmokers have made a name for themselves, considering it all started in their college dorm room.

They also have Grammys and an international following. The Chainsmokers, who by the way do not even smoke, are a talented group. Give this album a listen and judge it yourself. Its still art!


Guess who’s back, back, back again… No, not Eminem.

Not even close actually.

Harry Styles has just released “Sign of the Times” . His first single since One Direction went on hiatus.

Style’s has been at the top of the charts since the single has dropped! Later this week catch him performing his new EP and another newbie this week on SNL. 



Her dark and moody new single is the beginning of a sophomore album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, coming June 2.

Below, is the Jersey natives newest song and video, Now Or Never. I like it, I think you will too.



Alright MUZers, those are my top three from the new hits playlist. Go ahead and find yours 😉



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