What Makes a Throwback a #TBT

Week to week we have been posting #ThrowbackThursday Jams and/or artists. But what really is a throwback or even #TBT qualified? Does it have to be from eight years ago or eight days ago?  Thats the magic of a #TBT.

According to Lifewire.com, “People love to get nostalgic about their childhood, old friends, relationships, pop culture trends that are long gone, past trips or vacations and all sorts of other things that bring back happy memories”, and that is what motivates a #tbt post.

So to us, throwing it back to Semisonic, Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl”, or The Notorious B.I.G once a week, that brings us back to a happy place. Its a feeling of comfort and good times or for some, a crumby relationship that washes over you. As for MUZ, we feel It’s important to honor past art and the light they shed for some of us. A time of our lives that gives kudos to Sugar Ray’s “Fly” because what else but to spread your love and fly.

#TBT’s aren’t just about music either. Bitches love #tbt photos of last week at the frat house or facebook status’ that they posted in the sixth grade,” OUTT** Txt it 😉  ” . They’re for everyone!! But the best part about a musical #tbt is that “when it hits you, you feel no pain”, Thanks Bob Marley.

Because a #TBT can be ANYTHING, this weeks #Throwback Jams are going to be 90s themed… so get ready to get jiggy wit it.

Hope this playlist give you that ooey gooey nostalgic feeling, LOL.




(Thanks Spotify)


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