Good Ol’ Atlantic City. One of my favorite cities in the world. Even in the Winter.

Maybe because it’s my backyard or maybe because it is what keeps us locals eating through the winter.  AC is known as the entertainment capital of the Jersey Shore… the real Jersey Shore, not Snooki and J-Woww’s shore.

The Steel Pier and Pennsylvania Avenue Beach in Atlantic City, NJ                                                           Photo taken by ACBP lifeguard DannyP



The beach, the boardwalk, the sports, the restaurants, the entertainment, the casinos, the art, or even the shopping, the list goes on and on. BUT what is that brings you to Atlantic City? If its not the adult Playground then it must be the famous Atlantic City Bar & Grill.

From Beach Concerts to Premier Night Clubs, Whatever it may be, Atlantic City is always turned on, even in the winter.

The events going on now through the Spring and Summer are ones that will make you want to spend your entire weekends in the City.

AC Summer Beach Concert       Jimmy Buffet

Now, I know you elders may think its full of youngsters, but guess what.. the youngsters think its full of elders. This city supports all shapes, ages, and sizes. Seriously, theres something for all of you.

AC Summer Beach Concert                Rascal Flatts

And because there is so much offered, I am going to direct you straight to the source, because why mess this up.

Head over to Atlantic City’s site for a full schedule of the upcoming events going down in the Jersey Shore here.

Atlantic City

And on your way out of town, stop by the local Absecon Dairy Queen… I hear its pretty sweet 🍦

Absecon Dairy Queen

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