You might be spending your Summer at the BB&T Pavilion

The Tweeter Center? No. Susquehanna Bank Center? No.         AH, BB&T Pavilion? Correct.

BB&T Pavilion, Lawn seats and Delaware River waterfront views
Lawn seating and Delaware River waterfront views
The outdoor, Delaware River waterfront, Summer concert hot spot has released featured artists and their tour dates starting this Spring all the way through the Fall.
The now, BB&T Pavilion has been a venue of choice for me since I’ve been in high school. It is the premier outdoor venue in the Philadelphia metro area that caters to beautiful sunsets and live entertainment. I remember my first concert at ,then,  Susquehanna Bank Center, when I was about 16.  Me and my girlfriends enjoyed a night with one of Country’s finest performers, Rascal Flatts.
Rascal Flatts
Have you been to Susquehanna? Share with us! We wanna hear all about your experience.
Below is a list of BB&T Pavilion’s upcoming shows with links straight to a ticket source, compliments to Camden Tickets at
Apr 7, 2017Fri 9:00 PM
May 19, 2017Fri 7:00 PM
May 25, 2017Thu 7:30 PM
Jun 3, 2017Sat 11:59 PM
Jun 8, 2017Thu 7:00 PM
Jun 10, 2017Sat 7:30 PM
Jun 17, 2017Sat 11:59 PM
Jun 22, 2017Thu 8:00 PM
Jun 23, 2017Fri 11:59 PM
Jun 25, 2017Sun 7:00 PM
Jul 12, 2017Wed 7:00 PM
Jul 14, 2017Fri 7:00 PM & Jul 15, 2017Sat 7:00 PM
Jul 16, 2017Sun 8:00 PM
Jul 20, 2017Thu 6:45 PM
Jul 21, 2017Fri 7:30 PM
Jul 22, 2017Sat 7:00 PM
Jul 26, 2017Wed 11:59 PM
Jul 28, 2017Fri 6:00 PM
Aug 4, 2017Fri 7:00 PM
Aug 5, 2017Sat 11:59 PM
Aug 12, 2017Sat 7:00 PM
Aug 18, 2017Fri 7:30 PM
Aug 24, 2017Thu 6:30 PM
Aug 25, 2017Fri 11:59 PM
Aug 31, 2017Thu 7:00 PM
Sep 15, 2017Fri 7:00 PM

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