Every week we will be posting a #ThrowbackThursday jam for our followers to reminisce on and maybe get a chance to hear a tune their grandparents once rocked out to. These jams will be posted weekly and will be held in a playlist that will be up shortly.

For the time being here is a preview of the music you might find posted on a #ThrowbackThursday.

“Twist and Shout”- The Beatles 

Why this song?

I grew up in a house of ice cream makers and music connoisseurs. No, we can’t play instruments. BUT, my mom made sure we could name that tune like we were on a major game show. When my parents aren’t busy running the local ice cream shop you can find them supporting the local cover bands around the greater Atlantic City area.

My sister, brother, and I mocking our mom’s signature dance moves.

My siblings and I’s genre of music is highly influenced by our parents generation, and we feel no shame.

My mom always played the classic hits from the 60’s on, while we would parade around the kitchen. She’d also tell specifics like how Daryl Hall and John Oates’ started out in coffee shops around Philadelphia and that Carole King wrote more than she sang.

My parents knew a whole lot about flavor. Which is why there was a whole lot of twisting and shouting going on as a kid, this weeks  #ThrowbackThursday jam goes out to my family.







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